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You can invite friends with your referal link and earn bonus money.

Get your link here - http://www.gamekex.com/page17&step=makeinvite

Refer 1

The more people you bring to our website with your referal link the better chance you have to earn bonus money.

If the person you invite purchases a game that has bonus rewards you will get them to your account.

If the person you invite also invites friends you will get bonus money rewards from them to. This is a 2-step bonus money reward system.


For example:

You bring a friend who purchases Battlefield 4. You get 0.60€ bonus money, if he invites someone who also buys Battlefield 4 he will get 0.60€ and you will get 0.35€ bonus money.


You can check how much you get for games in the description of each game.

Please note that some games dont have bonus money rewards.

Refer 2


After you earn enough bonus points you can spend them on anything we sell on our website.


Note that you need to pay minimum 1€ for each game you buy.

For example:

If you have 40.99€ bonus money you can buy Battlefield 4 for 1€, If you have 81.98€ bonus money you can buy 2x Battlefield 4 for 2€ and etc. 


What you do with those games is up to you. Use them yourself, sell them, gift them.


Here you can choose how much bonus money you wish to use - http://www.gamekex.com/page18

Refer 3 

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